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Welcome to The Paw Trail Shop. The spot for your natural and protective pet toys, clothes, and food.  Bring your pet(s) the joy that they bring you daily.  Protect your pet(s) from the unknown additives found in the items that are meant to keep your little buddies safe and healthy by choosing to follow the natural trail.

How it All Began

I am the proud owner of two lovely dogs, my Rasta, a 12 pounds Chihuahua mix and Molly the German Shepherd.  My husband and I adopted Rasta from a shelter in Rhode Island at a time that was crucial for me.  My husband was working a job where he was gone for two days out the week; in addition to this, I was experiencing some personal life events.

Rasta was my first real furr baby ever!  He helped me through so much emotionally.  My little Rasta has grown to be the best addition to our family in the right time.  He was and is my BESTEST friend.

After a year and a half, we added Molly to our family.  Molly the German Shepherd, is a great addition.  There is something about the unconditional love that dogs exhibit that warms my heart.  I enjoy coming home from work to see my little buddies waiting for me at the door.

We all love our pets whether they are cats, dogs, birds, or other.  I was inspired to create The Paw Trail Shop for all of the pet owners that are looking for the best products for your best friend.

The Dream

Imagine a centralized site that  provides quality resources for your pet needs with a focus on natural products.  The Paw Trail Shop has been established to create a home for those in search for an alternative choice when it comes to the well being of your furry, feathery, or hairy family member.

Settling Doesn’t Exist

If you have visited this page, you believe in creating the best possible environment for you pet(s).  Searching is made easy, because all of the leg work is done for you here.  Let this be your home for resources towards finding the best product for the addition(s) to your family.


Remember to Paws for Love,

Mara (Founder of The Paw Trail Shop)


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